About Us

Well hello there...

I’m Katie, I’m married to my husband Liam and together we have our daughter Ella who was born in March 2019 and a baby boy due in December 2022.

I’ve known since I was young that I wanted my own business but I never knew what in. I spent many years working my way up within the corporate world where I developed a love for Social Media Customer Service and found myself in a job I loved, doing exactly that, at Thomas Cook. I fell pregnant with Ella and whilst I was on maternity leave Thomas Cook sadly went into administration and I lost my job.

I needed a focus, a project, something to keep my (very limited) free time busy. That is where I started blogging Ellas weaning journey. I had set an Instagram page up a few months prior to starting weaning as I found weaning to be such a minefield. So many questions were going through my head. Do I do traditional weaning or baby-led weaning? What do I start with? How do I start? What time of day shall I feed her? How much? Can she have nuts? Can she have cows milk? What products do I need to buy? The list was endless. After months and months of research I had the answers and now I’m helping others find the same answers.

I love helping people and I think that’s one of the reasons the page is loved by so many people. I get lots of messages from Mums who, like me, don’t know where to start or have a general question. It could be about what they can give their baby or how they should cut a particular food to make it suitable for their baby. What portion size they should give or if they should give their baby food before or after their bottle. These are just a few of many questions baby-led weaning parents have. There is so little support and advice out there, especially when it came to baby-led weaning, which is why I decided to set up Scrummy Tummies. 

We are proud to have had the support and our recipes shared by influencer Mrs Hinch @mrshinchhome. We have also worked with Mamas & Papas on their ‘Parents To Be At Home’ online event and been a podcast guest on Kids Planet Day Nursery podcast.

In September 2022 we were fortunate enough to have grown the business enough to move out of our home office and into our first rented office. We also employed our first employee Sam who has been an amazing support in packing your orders and dealing with any customer queries (along with lots of other things!).